Illuminated Water
Illuminated Water
Great For So Much More Than Just Bottled Water
Illuminated Water has so many uses beyond that of just healthy & clean bottled water! From serving as a night light for kids to a marketing product with wow factor for businesses and events. Illuminated Water is a one-of-a-kind product that you can't get anywhere else! Please check out the following examples of what Illuminated Water can do for you.
Illuminated Water Uses
Disaster and Relief
Pallets of Illuminated Water have gone into disaster areas such as floods and fires. It has been the only light source in evacuation centres where generators have to be activated. The light at night saves on electricity, as each person has their own light source to sleep with in a strange environment. Parents love it as it keeps children calm and comforted. The elderly also take comfort. The water in the bottles provide emergency workers out in the field hydration and a light source – they can wear it around their neck using the lanyards that are designed to be hands free, allowing them to work.
Fundraising - Charities
Illuminated Water is used successfully by schools to fundraise for projects and specialised equipment. It is used at Disco’s, end of year celebrations, and regular fundraising by the parents and citizens organisations.

Charities well known around the world, such as Zonta and the Lions Club, have used Illuminated Water to raise awareness for their organisations and at the same time stimulate funds for good causes, such as medical research and awareness against violence.
Sporting Clubs and Schools promote healthy choices and sell our water with that message. The light highlights the message and parents buy the water as a healthy choice for their children.

The water is taken home and used as a night light for children who have found it difficult to sleep in their own bed. An ambient light is a comfort, and the water is a drink that the child can find in the night.

This is also the case for the elderly, especially those on medication. The light creates a means to find medication and a drink, creating a safer environment if they need to get up through the night.
Marketing - Branding
Illuminated Water is a great way to promote a business or charity organisation, many companies use it like a business card. It can be given away at meetings, events, as well as Trade Shows. It attracts people to read and scan the QR code with the novel approach to marketing.

It can be sold at events as merchandise, creating interest and activations prior to an event, keeping the purchaser interested long after the event.
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